7 Tips for Wannabe Art Collectors

Wannabe an art collector?  Overwhelmed and afraid to make that first investment? 

Some years ago a couple in New York City, Herb and Dorothy, amassed an art collection worth over a million dollars.  Herb worked for the U.S. Post Office and Dorothy for the New York City Library.  Early in their marriage they decided to commit  one of their paychecks to purchase art from emerging artists before they became famous.  They lived in a small rent-controlled apartment and did without luxuries.  Art was everywhere.  I suggest you view this film  titled "Herb and Dorothy." It is well worth your time..  


Still skeptical?  Follow these tips:

1.  What style appeals to you?  Since I am an abstract expressionist, I will be referencing that style, but keep in mind there are many others.  It's also okay to mix styles.  There are no rules.  Only purchase what you like and what goes with your decor.

2.  Begin by viewing art online.  There are many sites, not only gallery and museum sites,  but also online galleries such as "Art Storefronts" and "Saatchi" and sites by artists themselves such as my own www.jerryhardestystudio.com.

3.  Visit brick and mortar galleries in your area.  Many communities host monthly gallery strolls.  Don't forget the museums.

4.  Browse the art section at your local library.  

5.  Limit your first purchase to a small piece that is $300 or less.  For instance, many of my paintings under "Small Originals" are $100.

6.  If an original is too expensive, select a print of your favorite original for much less.  

7.  Remember, there are no rules.