Outside the Lines, Part 5



Boxer Blues Becomes Dom's Hope

Both of these paintings were painted on Facebook and Instagram Live.  I was encouraged by two friends to paint Boxer Blues.  Actually, they requested I paint in my boxers.  Refusing I stated that no one would want to see that.  They then suggested the title "Blue Boxers."  I switched the two words and called it "Boxer Blues."  After living with the painting for several weeks, I decided the painting was not up to my quality... as it dried (and it was acrylic) it developed some unusual texture that was not appealing.  So my friends from the gym, I chose to paint over it in oil.  I did that live and called the video "Outside the Lines, Part 5."

While painting live, Dominick Lack from the UK, asked questions and made comments.  "Boxer Blues" just did not fit the new painting.  Needing a title, I decided to call it "Dom's Hope."