Painting My Soul

Artists are often asked to talk and write about their work.  I am no exception.  It takes much reflection and self-discovery.  To sum it up for me, “I paint my soul.”  I paint all the emotions that I am feeling at the time: love, hate, fear, passion, excitement, angst, stress, pain, or many others.  Couple these with what I’m thinking at the time.  Wait, there’s more.  Imagination and intuition plus the elements of composition, line, color, and texture.  Mark-making is an added effect.  This strengthens the story of an already strong painting.


“Daddy-Mammy” and the Story



When I was in elementary school, I wanted to play an instrument, trumpet or saxophone.  My parents would’nt hear of it. Mom said “play the drums.”  Money was tight and a pair of sticks were only 75 cents. The band teacher placed a board across the backs of two chairs. We played on the board, and never actually progressed to a drum.  The drill went like this: Left hand, stroke-stroke to each syllable of “Daddy,” Right hand, same to each syllable of “Mammy.”   I hated it.  The irony is that I eventually became a band teacher, but my students played on drums.


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