Painting on FB Live - Boxer Blues


 Painting "Boxer Blues" on Facebook Live


You may not have had an opportunity to watch me paint on Facebook Live.  Now's your chance. Obviously, this is quite challenging for me, but yet quite fun.  While painting, there were a number of comments and questions and I attempted to respond as they came in. 

First I have to share a story.  I follow a New York artist who paints in his jeans or even his briefs.  I believe Ben actually lives in Brooklyn in what appears to be a small apartment.  I say that, because he paints in his bedroom where the room is only large enough for a double bed.  He tacks un-stretched canvas on his walls, and stands or kneels on the bed as he paints.  He wipes is brushes on whatever he is wearing at the time.  (As an aside, he sells the jeans after they dry).  He has paint on his clothes, on himself, on the canvas, and all over the bed.  I wonder where he sleeps.  He even tacks a canvas to the ceiling. A couple of my friends were on the live event and suggested I paint in my boxers.  I responded that no one wants to see that.  Being dissatisfied, they offered a title and wanted me to call this painting "Blue Boxers."  I considered it but revised it to "Boxer Blues."  Now you know the rest of the story.